Opening Symfony2 Error page file links in Sublime Text 2 on Windows

Chris Sedlmayr

07 Dec 2012

During my day job, I work on a Windows 7 Machine, with mapped drives to my CentOS development environment.

Sublime Text 2 and Putty give me the file and shell access to work as if I were not using a desktop OS that sucks (albeit one that still has some annoying missing features).

I’ve wanted to map the framework: ide: setting in Symfony2 (also works in Symfony 1) so I could open the file links in error pages straight to Sublime at the right file and line, but I’ve never quite pursued it… until now!

There is a Sublime package that adds the protocol handler, and from there it’s actually very easy, once I worked out the file path format required.

Step 1)

Add the bitbucket URL as a repo in Sublime Text 2


Step 2)

Then install the package


Choose SublimeProtocol and press enter.

Note, for this step I had to launch Sublime Text 2 as an administrator due to the windows domain rules in the office.

Step 3)

Configure the ide: setting in Symfony2

    ide:    "sblm:///R/%%f:%%1"

In my case, the R drive is mapped to the root of my Dev environment.

%%f is the filepath and %%1 is the line number

So when you see a Symfony2 error page, the links will be mapped using this protocol



Just make sure your mapping of drive or folder location is correct.