Symfony Live 2012

Chris Sedlmayr

18 Feb 2012

Good news everybody, Symfony Live 2012 has been announced and tickets are now available.
Last year was a great conference with some very memorable and useful talks given.

I’m fortunate enough to be going again this year and am already looking forward to it.

Usually there is a dinner the night before (I think) for the speakers to get together, and I thought it may be a nice idea to have a similar meetup the night before for attendees, and of course any speakers that want to come along.

I know there are some of you that attend on your own (as I did last year) and having a group of people to meet up with before it all starts is a good way to kick it all off and break some ice.

I was lucky enough to meet a couple of guys there last year that I hung around with which I really appreciated and made a big difference to my enjoyment, and can’t help feeling that the whole thing may be more fun if we did something like this, could be a dinner or just meeting in a pub somewhere near the venue.

So let me know what you think of the idea and I’ll work something out, if there is any interest I may put a sticky up in Google Groups too.

For now just leave me a comment here and we’ll see where it goes.