Git Manuals, Docs and Handy Links

Chris Sedlmayr

06 Apr 2010

As i am a recent git convert I find myself reading a lot of guides etc on the best way to use git and how my workflow can change now i’m using a DVCS.

This is an attempt to collate my more useful findings, partly for myself, but it may prove useful for you too.

Git Books

Git-SVN Resources

Full Git online manual

Combining multiple git commits into 1 SVN commit

In some cases I use git as a local repo, but the main repo upstream is SVN. This sample enables me to combine multiple local git commits into a single commit back to SVN. This was taken from Stack Overflow

git tag local # create a temporary tag
git reset --hard trunk
git merge --squash local
git commit # write your single commit message here
git svn dcommit
git tag -d local # delete the temporary tag named local</code>

Delicious I also tend to bookmark a lot of stuff over at Delicious so you can check out my git stuff there too. Items tagged ‘Git’ at my Delicious